Configuring An Email Gateway With Scrollout F1 Anti-Spam & DLP

Email gateway installed between Internet and the email protect the email server by filtering incoming messages, via SMTP protocol, from Internet an email gateway may be used as an outgoing gateway in case you want to add some new email features as Secondary a quality improvement for message delivery

Basic Configuration


Set the network connection: IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.


mention your domains and the responsible email server for each domain. The servers can have same value in case you are using one email server for multiple domains.

for receiving emails gateway system will become responsible Optionally the gateway for sending outgoing messages DKIM signature and the values that are necessary to be used in your DNS server for each domain. In case that your email servers are using IP addresses different than standard intranet CIDR (,, you must mention the range or IP in CIDR format by clicking “DKIM”


set the aggressiveness by clicking on a number between 1 and 10


Set the geographical area in which you have business


two roles of SPAM & LEGIT

<strong>Quarantine role</strong>

the quarantine mailbox hosted on your email server

<strong>Feeder role</strong>

block sender email address and whitelist the sender domain using same Collector mailbox that is used for quarantine

Using an IMAP Client like MS Outlook you can easily drag & drop multiple emails into mailbox folders

Create two additional folders under this mailbox. Let’s create a GOOD folder and a BAD folder.
– Activate IMAP service on your email server.
– Input the name, user & password of the mailbox, server IMAP address, and the GOOD and BAD folders.In case you created subfolders (instead of folders) under Inbox, you need to mention Inbox\GOOD and Inbox\BAD. Never use standard folders like Inbox and Sent Items. Scrollout will delete the messages older than 7 days


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